Letter from Dr Kambeitz

How to Create Wellness Habits That Will Save Your Life

Are you tired of feeling sick and tired?

Do you get up in the morning and feel bad, you possibly may have a headache, your joints may be stiff and tight, you may feel tired even though you had 8 plus hours of sleep. You may wonder why do you feel so bad and what can you do to feel better. This is the premise behind 8 weeks to wellness (8ww). Participants start feeling better and better as they go through the program. Your body will begin to feel the way we were meant to feel. You will sleep soundly, wake up invigorated and won’t be in pain and discomfort when you awake.

What is the first step to participate?

Some people will call the office right away to take advantage of doing a thorough consultation and to get their wellness score to see an objective measure of their health.Some people will attend a complimentary talk describing in detail what the program consists of. This talk is held in the clinic and is very informative.

“Once I started eating correctly the weight just melted off, I never realized it would be so easy” D.A., Denver

What is your wellness score?

In order to obtain your wellness score we do numerous tests. We do a complete blood work to see where your cardiovascular values are, we look at inflammation in the heart and body, we look at lipid levels, we check blood sugar levels and risk for diabetes. We also check height, weight, body mass index, and percent body fat. We do a test called bioelectric impedance, this measures body mass index, phase angle, which is the cellular health of the body, and hydration levels. We also do a thorough evaluation of your nervous system which is the master system of the body. This test lets us know where there is muscle tension and which way the muscles are pulling. There is also a test that measures how the nerves are firing to every organ of the body and measures heat and inflammation. All these values are measured and extrapolated into a score out of 100, this is your initial wellness score.

“To see my wellness score was a wake up call, I knew my score wouldn’t be great, but I was amazed at what the score showed me.” J.V., Centennial

Why do most people do the program?

Most people want to feel good again, people are frustrated and fed up with investing large sums of money in personal trainers, diet programs and quite frankly programs that have not worked. 8ww has worked for every participant that has come through the program. Some patients have lost a lot of weight, and some have changed their physiology. They have decreased their cholesterol values, decreased triglycerides and their diabetic markers are better. Others want to get off of unnecessary medications.


The 2 most important comments I hear from patients:

1) I never thought I could feel this good again.

2) I wished I would have done this earlier.

Some people will do the program to reduce their chances of the 2 biggest killers: Heart disease and Cancer

Did you know that just exercising 30 minutes / day will decrease your chances of cancer by 50%? We are all dealt a genetic predisposition for certain disease processes. We can change our genetic pre-programming by the food we eat, the thoughts we think, and the exercise we do or don’t do.

There is a science behind the program.

I received my doctorate and masters degree in exercise physiology and nutrition many years ago, and you have to keep up with the times. With our new update training and nutrition protocols we get even quicker and long lasting results. We know how to tap into fat loss while keeping lean muscle tissue which burns fat even while we are sleeping. We are on the cutting edge of technology and are constantly tweaking our program for each individual because we are all different. In my physiology classes we called it “biochemical individuality” meaning we are all different, but that is the fun part, let's figure your body and metabolism out.

“The program is the most comprehensive I have seen, their clinic has all the components of the program in house, how come no one else has come up with such an easy to follow program?” S.T., Parker

It’s not all about us!!!

Whether you’re a parent, father, mother, aunt, uncle, son, daughter, sibling etc, we are role models and loved by a lot of people. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to live to our true health potential. Eating incorrectly, not exercising, and allowing disease processes to overcome our bodies is not living in a caring way. It is easy to neglect our bodies and our health. It is harder, but more rewarding to exercise correctly, to be at an optimal weight.

21 Days to change a habit

Researchers have said that it takes weeks to change a habit. This program is about changing old, detrimental habits. Medicating our way out of these detrimental habits is not addressing the root cause of the problem. Taking high blood pressure pills is crazy if you haven’t implemented a healthy lifestyle. Taking drugs for headaches is crazy if you haven’t changed your diet. A symptom is a sign that you are not treating your body correctly. To change a habit you first need to have a want and desire to make a change.

Your “Why?”

Why would this program be of benefit to you? Why is getting healthier important? This is one of the most crucial points of the program. The “why” needs to be more important and stronger than the “why not.” With every program there will be challenges to get through. In order to get you through this and to change your old habits, you need to look to your “why.”

Are you happy with your parents health and how they physically look?

We are a product of our environment. This is why it is important to look to our parents and figure out if this is the same road we want to follow. If our parents are healthy vibrant people then we should follow some of their health principles. Unfortunately, most of the time when I ask this question about peoples' parents they do not have happy, joyful stories. We can change our genetic path by doing this program. When we eat badly and don’t take care of ourselves, our kids are watching us and modeling their behaviors after us.

No gimmicky weight loss pills or lotions.

We use time-tested proven systems to lose the weight forever. These positive habits will transform your life. You will lose the weight you want to and keep the weight off for good. 95% of all weight loss plans fail and people will gain the lost weight back and possibly even more. On this plan, you are doing supervised workouts specifically designed for you and your nutrition plan is constantly reviewed by our doctors and trainers.

Why is our program different than all the others?

The secret is the combination of the most beneficial systems known. The light manual and/or computerized instrument adjusting to get your joints and nerves firing correctly and the myofascial therapy to increase range of motion, reduce scar tissue, and release trigger points. Your eating plan will be documented in your own personal journal. The mental/emotional stress relievers with meditation and massage therapy. The workouts with great trainers that will keep you motivated the whole way and much more. Like I said earlier, no health system has everything under one roof to help you. Some of you may have little nagging injuries that have kept you from working out. We will help you get through this, we have done it thousands of times before! Quit making excuses-your path to health starts with your first appointment.

It’s easy to implement.

Because you’re eating real food and having a couple of shakes between meals, it is very easy to implement for the very busy individual. Let's face it, we are all busy. I can tell you, I have 3 kids, homework, sports, coaching, work, and all the other commitments. If I achieved great results, you will to -- commit and do it. I was in pretty good shape before, but even better afterwards. Yes, all this in 8 weeks! Again, no gimmicks, no starvation, no crazy methods. Ordinary guy gets great results. 


There is no greater investment than your health.

I have heard many of my patients say over the years, “Doc, these are supposed to be my golden years and they are not so golden.” People of all ages, especially after 40, give me that cop out answer. Well, I’m 45 now and can tell you this is the best I have felt, and my energy has skyrocketed. Are we supposed to feel worse and worse as we get older? Completely false. I had one of my 90 year old patients do a 5k walk in Utah this past summer. He works out twice a week and gets adjusted. Our health impacts all other areas of our lives such as our relationships with kids, spouse etc. It affects our work, sleep, activity. Our #1 asset is our health.

If you’re interested in getting into the best shape of your life this program is for you.

Procrastination is the killer of dreams. Most people will read this and agree. You will also agree pthat you can be in better shape, and yes, your significant other and kids deserve it, but still people will sit on the fence. What have you got to lose but unnecessary weight, a change in your next blood work, and getting rid of medications you and I both know are just masking a symptom instead of addressing the cause? If this is truly your time to make a significant impact, then see what others are saying and see the pictures and results we have done. This is life changing and nothing makes me happier than to save a life and truly make an impact in another human beings life. Talk about paying it forward, this is the ultimate reward. Do it for yourself and everyone you love and the people that love you.


The key is to act quickly.

A lot of people by nature are procrastinators and will wait. They will review the material, talk it over with a few people, and wait some more until eventually they do nothing. Or, they think just going to their local gym will do it... it won't. I know this because people have been doing this for years and I never see any changes in their bodies.

Other personal trainers

My frustration with my patients is they will see other personal trainers and their body composition will have no change, then they do an 8 week program with us and we look at their post blood work and we see enormous changes. We look at the before/after pictures and it’s like a younger version of themselves. It has got to be frustrating for other personal trainers to not get the results that we do. See more of our before and after patient transformations

If your “why” to do this program is bigger than your “why not,” and you are tired of feeling sick and tired, then pick up the phone and call us right now! Remember procrastination is the thief of dreams. Call 303-790-6000 to reserve your spot to do a thorough health evaluation to see how we can finally get you into the shape you have always wanted.

Seize the day and invest in your most important asset, YOUR HEALTH.

Dr. Kambeitz

P.S Some people will make excuses to not pick up the phone, what have you got to lose besides a lot of unwanted weight and the need to take unnecessary medications?

P.P.S Take a look at other graduates of 8ww to see their enormous changes. These are normal everyday people just like you and me.

P.P.P.S Remember most average individuals will put this letter on their desk and get back to it later.

Does it make you angry?

That you have tried many different weight loss programs before and nothing seems to work? Have you said to yourself, "I’ve tried every program, I eat well, I exercise, but I still can’t lose the weight"? I hear that all the time, and those are the people I love to get results with because it wasn’t you, it was the program you were doing. Like I said before, if people follow this program they win every time. No one has failed. Here is a little secret, you don’t have to do the program 100% to get results. People have confided in us that they did the program at a much less percentage and they still get results. No one is perfect and lets face it, we all have a life. We can’t commit 100% of our time to this program, but it still works. WOW!

“I have 2 little kids, work full time, and had family staying at my house for 2 weeks. I dropped 18 pounds and felt fantastic. I never thought this could happen with everything that was going on. I am very ecstatic. Thanks” G.B., Highlands Ranch.

Are you afraid to fail?

Don't worry, we walk you through every step of the program. Everyone in our office has personally completed the program and we too had enormous changes and results. There is nothing to be afraid of, everyone achieves success.

Are you frustrated by not knowing what foods to eat?

There are many books on weight loss and a lot of misleading information on diets. All this information can be very confusing. We keep it simple and easy for you to implement. Just by implementing some simple techniques in week 1 will help you lose unwanted body fat.

Would you like to see your abs again and look smoking hot?

I had abs in my 20s, but at 45 it is nice to see them again. You too can see your abs and have that lean sexy look again! Lets face it, we all want to look good, whether you are married, dating or looking for that special someone, we all want to look our best. But again, we may think this weight is just part of the aging process. Get out of your stinkin’ thinkin’ and join us to see how you can feel and function the best you have in years.

Do you spend a lot of time taking care of everyone else? i.e. kids, elderly parents, everybody else in the household etc. Now is the time to take care of yourself. If you’re not around due to some disease process that has been brewing because you have neglected to take care of yourself for years, who will take care of you? Wouldn’t it be wise to be preventative and proactive in your health?

Why would this program be of benefit to you?

For once, think only about yourself and your goals. Is it to lose weight, take less or no medication, ski better, to play with grandkids and/or kids, to attract a spouse, or to live a long pain free, highly energetic life? To be a role model to your kids? Think about this question. YOUR “WHY” is most important and everyone is different. Your why should drive you to take action.

Here is just a partial list of the benefits that many of our patients have experienced: increased energy, decreased body fat, increased muscle, decreased cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, increased HDL, decrease in diabetic markers (i.e. HBa1c, insulin, glucose etc), decreased weight, increase in cellular health, decreased risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and better sleep.

98% of all disease processes in the body are stress related.

Medical research tells us that most disease processes are stress related. We help to overcome these areas. We help with physical stressors, chemical stressors, and mental/emotional stressors.

This program is all inclusive.

So, you don’t have to worry about trying to find the best personal trainer, or nutritionist, or massage therapist. We have taken care of all that for you. We have these people all under one roof. We have designed this program to be the most efficient use of your time and money. Here is a quote I read many years ago, “You can either make the time now to be healthy or take the time later to be sick.”

I don’t have time or money to do this program.

There are multiple levels of investment to do this program and we work with you to see what is best for you specifically. We have worked with busy executives, housewives, and retirees. Everybody can do one of our programs. If you are willing to keep your appointments, work hard, are able to plan in advance and ask a lot of questions, you will do great with this program.

We have limited spots available.

Because we like to have exclusive service to you, we only have limited spots and times available. This is a first come first serve basis. The initial consultation and health assessment takes time, and consequently, we only have limited time devoted to new clients.